Different Roles in the Airsoft Game

Different Roles In The Airsoft Game

Different Roles in the Airsoft Game

If you are planning to form a highly competitive team for your first airsoft game, then, you ought to know the different roles that require different gaming strategies throughout the game. So, apart from choosing the perfect gun, you might also want to ensure that you have the role that suits your physique, strength, skills, temperament, and weight. For instance, if someone has a smaller physique and is light-footed then they are better at sneaking around than the heavier and taller airsoft players.

There are at least 5 roles to be played by airsoft players:

  1.   The Rifleman

This is one of the most common roles in the airsoft game. Riflemen push their team towards winning both progressively and geographically along with completing important and vital objectives for their respective team. The weapons used by riflemen are airsoft rifles and the players of these roles are generally adaptive and constantly versatile. The cheap airsoft rifles enable them to shoot from short to long distance. It is typical for the riflemen to engage in intense shooting with their opponent team members; also, it is typical for them to be on the frontline.

  1.   The Sniper

Generally, a sniper is positioned or located far away from the remaining players. Their unique role and position enable them to spot the opponents more easily than their team members. Snipers use airsoft sniper rifles along with an airsoft gun. The airsoft gun enables them to shoot in close combats. Snipers are good at staying calm, focused, and patient.

  1.   The Gunner

As the name indicates, the gunner's role is to shoot suppressive fire while supporting the riflemen. The weapons used by the gunners are typically airsoft machine guns which enable them to fire constantly. Gunners are known as strong players.

  1.   The Scout (s)

These players are stealthier than snipers. Their role is similar to spies and informants. These players are generally smaller in size and use small-sized airsoft weapons. This is the reason that they can stay undetected for a longer period of time.

  1.   The Grenadier

Tactical advantages are provided by the grenadiers while they also make sure to eliminate as many opponents as possible. Typically, grenadiers use three kinds of grenades: flashbangs, fragmentation and smoke grenades. Flashbangs are used to hinder the ability of the opponent team to focus and target. Fragmentation grenades are used to clear room; whereas, smoke grenades provide temporary cover to fellow players.


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